7 Things

There’s been a little game of revelation making its way around my Facebook feed the past couple of days, and since I have nothing to write about today I thought I’d take this opportunity to take part. The challenge? List 7 random things that people probably don’t know about you.

7. I have a tiny scar on my face from when I was born. You can’t really see it unless I tan a bit first, but the scar is about a quarter of an inch long and is on my cheek beneath my eye. When I was born my mother had to have a C-section, and apparently the doctor cut a little too deep. The scar moved and stretched as I grew, but it was originally just beneath my eye. Close call!

6. When I was a kid I had, like, fifty imaginary pets. That sounds depressing, but really I was just a very imaginative kid who loved animals. I can remember there was a cat and a bunch of kittens, some puppies, bunnies, and a couple of random things like snakes and mice. They all had names and I’d whisper good-night to them all each night. Really, honestly, it’s not as depressing as it sounds.

5. I can’t stand bad – guy death scenes where the character blubbers. I don’t k know why, exactly, but when an antagonist blubbers like a baby in the inevitability of their demise, it bothers me a lot. Maybe it’s just because I’m a big fan of the really psychotic villains,  but either way, a blubbery bad guy death really turns me off.

4. I absolutely love instant raman/cup -o – noodles. I try to avoid them as much as I can at home because they’re so unhealthy and there’s always other options, but whenever the dinners at work are something I don’t like, I grab a bowl of instant kimchi noodles from the camp commissary, and I never get sick of them. I honestly think I could eat a bowl for lunch every day for a month and still be enjoying them.

3. I may not seem like it in person, but I’m a total introvert at heart. I can socialize with people for sure, and most of my coworkers would probably say that I’m a pretty friendly, upbeat person, but by the end of a day of being surrounded by people I am totally beat down. I require alone time to recharge or I just get super tired and cranky, so don’t be offended if I ever turn down an after-work get-together.

2. I NEVER read or watch the news. Whenever there’s something big going on I get it from sources like Facebook or Twitter. Otherwise I avoid the news like the plague, partially because hearing about everything that’s going wrong in the world depresses me, and partially because I believe that modern journalism is pretty much a joke and you can’t believe any of it without spending hours of your own time fact-checking.

1. When I listen to music I play scenes from my stories in my head. In fact, I practically have an entire soundtrack worked out for most of the things I’ve written. The only problem is that my taste in music can sometimes be a little dated, so some of my stories would wind up coming out like an 80’s “swords and sorcery” kind of movie.

So, there you have it. Do you feel like you know me a little better? Want me to elaborate on anything? Want to share your own “7 Things”? Drop me a comment below!

Interview with a Vampi-…Uh, I mean, Character

A reminder: This post courtesy of Julie Jarnagin’s 101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers.

94. Interview a character

For the purposes of this post, I did a quick Google search and found some good character questionnaires here. I’m going to use the first set of questions on the page, and since it’s supposed to be an ‘interview’, I’ll reword them a bit an answer them as though I am the character. Fun, yes? If the responses seem a bit vague or odd, it’s because it would ruin the actual story if I answered them in a straight-forward manner. 🙂

What is your name, and do you have any nicknames?

“My full name is Victoria Ann MacKinnon, but everyone calls me Tori.”

What is you hair color? What about your eyes?

“My hair is strawberry blond and falls just below my shoulders. I usually wear it up in a ponytail. My eyes are very bright blue; sometimes it freaks people out that they’re so bright…I always have people thinking that I’m wearing special contacts.”

Do you have any distinguishing features, such as a birthmark, or scars, and if so, how did you get them?

“Nothing major, really. I have a faint scar on my knee from when I wiped out on my bike when I was a kid, and one across my left index finger from the first time I tried to cook for myself. I’m…not good with knives.”

Describe your friends and family. Who do you surround yourself with? Who are you closest to and who do you wish you were closer to?

“My family is just my parents, Katherine and Robert. I have a few aunts and uncles, and three of my grandparents are still alive, but they live far enough away that I never see them. I used to have quite a few friends…before…but I haven’t seen many of them lately. The only one I ever really hang out with is Jacen, but that’s only because he won’t leave me alone. Not to say that I don’t like Jacen, but I really wish he’d mind his own business and let me…let me just be. My problems aren’t his.”

Where do you go when you’re angry?

“The nearest bar. That’s a bit of a cop-out though, because lately that’s the only place I go besides work.”

What is your biggest fear? Who have you told this to, and who would you never tell? Why?

“My biggest fear? Probably having to face the truth about my…condition. The only one who knows is…well I won’t talk about him. I would never tell anyone else,  because it’s hard enough dealing with it on my own without having to deal with the pity I’d see in other people’s eyes.”

Do you have a secret?

“You hadn’t figured that out from the last question? Yes, I have a secret. No, I won’t share.”

What makes you laugh out loud?

“Not much, these days. I used to really enjoy crappy old b-movies, but I can’t seem to get into them anymore.”

Have you ever been in love, had your heart broken?

“Okay, that’s it, this interview is over. Goodbye.”