Skeletons (or Not) in the Closet

642ThingsToday’s post comes to you from “642 Things to Write About”, which asks the question: “What’s stored in your closet?”

Well, right off the bat there are a lot of closets in my house. There’s the one in the hall upstairs, which is where we store our towels, surplus bath and hygiene products, and basically anything you would normally find in a bathroom. There’s the closet in the basement, which is full of a bunch of old computer parts, and is also where my husband hides presents for me. Then there’s the closet on the main floor that serves as a kind of pantry for bottled drinks and discounted Halloween candy, and also has a bunch of board games shoved up on the top shelf. And I haven’t even mentioned the mudroom closet, the half-bath closet, the spare room closet, or my daughter’s bedroom closet.

But this prompt, I assume, wants me to talk about my closet – the one that’s next to my bedside.

The obvious answer, of course, is clothing, but those fall into several categories. There are a handful of sweaters and a stack of jeans and yoga pants that I wear regularly. Then there are a few pairs of capris, shorts, and cute dresses that I only wear when I’m feeling good about myself (*cough*rarely*cough*). On the top shelf are a bunch of jeans, turtlenecks, and winter gear that I only use when I’m on a job that requires me to spend a lot of time outside in the colder months. Finally, there’s a pretty red storage box that contains the dress and shoes that I wore on my wedding day.

But clothes aren’t the only thing in my closet. On the lower shelf there is a container filled with sewing and craft supplies – fabric bits, ribbons, thread and needles, and a mini-hot-glue gun, amongst other things. On the floor beneath my clothes is a tote full of old stuff I’ve kept and things with sentimental value, like the scrapbook my best friend made me back in high school. And on top of the tote is our extra set of bedsheets, which are some of the comfiest damn sheets you’ll ever sleep on.

And of course there are a few things I’m not mentioning, because a girl has to have her privacy. ^_~

Oh, and dust. Because every closet needs a little dust.

This was a silly prompt, but I’ll ask anyway: so what’s stored in your closet? Please share!

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