Smuggler’s Bounty “Resistance” Unboxing and Review

The premiere box for the brand new “Smuggler’s Bounty” subscription was themed around the “First Order” – the successors of the Galactic Empire. Although the box had a little bit of fluff in it (a lanyard…really?) I was more than happy with the stormtrooper t-shirt, the chrome Captain Plasma Pop! and the variant Tie Fighter Pop! The first Star Wars box powered by Funko was great, in my opinion, so I was definitely excited to see what would be in the “Resistance” box. Let’s check that out, shall we?

“BB-8” patch and “Poe Dameron” pin:
Straight out of the gates on these boxes is always a patch and pin set that commemorates the theme of the box. In some of the “Marvel Collector Corps” boxes the design on the patch and pin has been the same, but so far with the “Smuggler’s Bounty” boxes they’ve all been different. This time around the patch features our new favorite little bubbly droid, BB-8, and the pin garners the face of the Resistance’s flying ace, Poe Dameron.
Approximate value: $5 for the patch, $2 for the pin

“Resistance” Funko Pop! character t-shirt:
As I mentioned in the video, I know that some people aren’t into Funko Pop!-like characters being on t-shirts, but I personally think they’re actually pretty cute. This particular t-shirt features a bunch of Resistance characters and a couple of ships, and though it’s a little busy I really like it. I especially love Han and Chewie hovering over the new guys in the background there.
This shirt also could have come in four colors: black, blue, grey, and a kind of bluish-grey. I would have been happy with any color, but I’m glad to have not gotten black just because so many of these subscription box t-shirts come in black and it’s nice to see a little bit of variety.
Approximate value: $15

“C-3P0” Pop! Home mug:
I knew this was going to happen eventually, because I got a Pop! Home mug in my Collector Corps as well, but that doesn’t really soften the blow. These mugs are not awful (although, as I mentioned in the video, apparently not very functional), but they’re just not my bag. Maybe several years go before I had a kitchen full of grown-up dishware I would have made better use of them, but these days they just aren’t my thing.
That said, I will admit that it’s pretty cute how they made the “arm” of the mug red like 3P0’s replacement arm in the movie.
Approximate value: $15

“Chewbacca” exclusive ‘flocked’ Funko Pop! vinyl figure:
And here, as always, is the part of the box that really makes it for me…an exclusive Funko Pop! figure. This month it is our good friend Chewie (side note: my adorable daughter insists on saying “ChewBACCA”) and he is flocked for our pleasure.
Okay, forget I said that last part that way. >.>
Point being, this is a nice little addition to my Star Wars Pop! collection. I don’t have a lot of flocked stuff, and if there’s a Star Wars character that you’re going to want to be fuzzy, it would definitely be Chewie. Other than the furry overcoat, he’s pretty much the same as the basic “The Force Awakens” Chewie Pop!, but the fuzz is plenty for me to be happy. ^_^
Approximate value: $20

Approximate total value of box: $57
Approximate total cost to me: $50

Okay, so as always we have to talk about the value versus the cost, and it’s an annoying part of the conversation at the moment because the Canadian dollar is currently so low. That means, whereas “Marvel Collector Corps” ran me about $40 when I first signed up for it, “Smuggler’s Bounty” is currently costing me about $50 per box, and that obviously makes the overall value of the box feel lower. $57 would feel a lot nicer if the box had cost me $40.

However, you do have to take into consideration that everything in these boxes is exclusive to the box, so the “value” is actually in the eye of the beholder. I always assign everything a standard price based on my experience, but that doesn’t mean that that’s really what the item is worth. For instance, I figure an exclusive Funko Pop! is worth about $20, but depending on how few of them are around and how many people want them, they could be worth less or a lot more. Right at this moment Pop Price Guide shows this Chewbacca for $25. Tomorrow it could be $50. Next month it could be $75. The month after that it could be down to $10. So really, you can’t put TOO much stock in these numbers. Everything has to be worth what you feel it is worth.

And that’s a good thing, because I love Pop! figures and I’m enjoying the shirts, so those things make the high cost of the box a little more acceptable to me. I definitely still wish it was lower, but for a huge Star Wars fan and a Funko Pop! collector, I still think it’s worth it, and aside from the mug I still enjoyed this box.

What do  you guys think? Thumbs up, or thumbs down? How do you feel about the shirt? What do you do with all these patches and pins? Please share!

Smuggler’s Bounty “The First Order” Unboxing and Review

And now it’s time to move onto something new…BRAND new, as it were! This is the first ever “Smuggler’s Bounty” box, coming at us from Star Wars and Funko. Just like the Marvel Collector Corps box, this box is powered by Funko and will be filled with nothing but Star Wars items, which is just perfect for me!

I was super-excited to get this first box, so let’s go ahead and check out the big reveal:

“First Order” patch and pin:
Just like with the Collector Corps box, it looks like each Smuggler’s Bounty box is going to come with a collectible patch and pin that is designed around the theme of the box. For this first box the patch features a Tie Fighter pilot, and the pin features Kylo Ren.
Approximate value: $5 for the patch, $2 for the pin

“First Order Stormtrooper” shirt:
There were four different possibilities for the shirt, just like with the first Collector Corps box: you could have gotten a Stormtrooper, a Snowtrooper, Kylo Ren, or Captain Phasma. I would have liked Kylo or Phasma, but I’m still happy with my Stormtooper, modeled after the Stormtrooper Pop figure.
Approximate value: $15

“The Force Awakens” lanyard:
What is it with lanyards? My husband and I were talking about this after I opened the box, and we’re both genuinely confused as to why lanyards seem to randomly pop up in every nerd subscription box. That said, this item does feel like cheap filler to me, but I will use it just because I actually do wear a lanyard at work, so why not wear a Star Wars one?
Approximate value: what are lanyards worth…about $5 maybe?

“Captain Phasma” Pop figure variant in chrome:
I LOVE this Pop, no two ways about it. I’ve got the original Captain Phasma Pop from the Force Awakens line that came out not too long ago, and I love that one too, so it’s pretty sweet that I now also have this chrome-colored one that is exclusive to the Smuggler’s Bounty box. Two thumbs up!
Approximate value: a regular Pop goes from anywhere between $10 and $15, but because this one is exclusive to the box I’ll give it at least $20.

“Tie Fighter Pilot” Pop figure, special 1-in-5-chance variant:
I didn’t know this when I first opened the box, but apparently the normal Tie Fighter Pilot Pop (which is still exclusive to the box, by the way) is flat black, and subscribers had a 1-in-5 chance to get the “Special Forces Red” chase, which has red stripes down his helmet. I’m super-excited that I happened to get the special one, but I’m also kinda PO’ed at the makers of the box for pulling this nonsense again like they did with the Collector Corps. I love the exclusive Pops, and that’s why I subscribe to the box, but it frustrates me that people can be buying the box and still not get the special Pop because they’re doing these multiple versions and “chance to get” things. Not cool, in my opinion, so I just wanted to mention that.
Approximate value: this guy is blowing up in value with collectors because of the fact that he’s rare, but for the sake of valuing the box, I’m just going to stick with the $20 for an exclusive-to-the-box item.

Approximate value of the box: $65
Approximate cost to me: $50

So the value of the box seems to be pretty much on par with the Collector Corps ones, which is good to see since it’s costing me so much with the Canadian dollar the way it is right now. That said, I do feel like the value could be a little higher, simply because the lanyard feels like a cheapy item to me.

Also, while I absolutely appreciate the fact that there were two exclusive Pops in this box (and that one of them is a chase, at that), I do actually kinda prefer when there’s one Pop and a bunch of other stuff in the box, just because it makes it feel like I’m getting more, as compared to this box which is basically two Pops and a t-shirt.

Either way though, I’m definitely happy with this first box, and I think I’m going to enjoy Smuggler’s Bounty just as much as Marvel Collector Corps (at least, I better for the money it’s costing me!).

What do you guys think? Was the first Smuggler’s Bounty box a hit or a miss? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? How do you feel about this 1-in-5 chance at a chase thing? Please share!