Ipsy Unbagging and Review for November 2014

It’s my fourth Ipsy Glam Bag, and it’s full of all kinds of new stuff for me to try out! Let’s check out the unbagging video, shall we?

Not too shabby at all, am I right? Let’s check out the breakdown!

SeaRX SkinCare: There were two options that I could have gotten in this Glam Bag, and I got the Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion. A full bottle of the lotion is 4 oz and goes at a cost of $32, making my 0.3 oz sample worth about $2.50
Bye Bye Under Eye concealer: This interesting product from IT Cosmetics usually comes in a 0.28 fl oz tube for $24. My “travel size” tube is 0.11 fl oz, which makes it worth about $9.50. It seems like a lot for the size of the tube, but I’ve already tried this product out so I can tell you that you only need the tiniest dab for each eye. I used what I thought was a miniscule amount and I actually had to wipe some off, so yeah, the amount is definitely worth the cost.
J. Cat’s Wonder Lip Paint: This is a full-sized product, and goes for about $5 in a variety of colors. I have to admit, though, so far I’m not feeling this product. I only tried it once so far but it was so watery that I couldn’t get it to cover my lips properly. If anyone has any tips on this particular item, please let me know!
Oil of Morocco Hairspray: At first I genuinely thought that this product from Marc Anthony was a full-sized product because it’s actually pretty large, but as it turns out it’s only a fraction of the full-size. The full product is 9 oz for a little under $9, making my 1.5 oz worth just over $1.
Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil: This full-sized eye pencil goes for $17, and as near as I can figure (the website doesn’t say what the physical size is) it is a full size product. Not too shabby, although I have to admit that I’ve been having issues with it crumbling so far. Again, hints? Suggestions? I made a bit of a mess of myself last night when a rather large chunk of it broke off in my eyelashes.
“Girl Meets Glitter” bag: As always, I’m just spitballing that the little handbag is probably worth about $2

Total approximate value of bag: $37
Total cost to me: $15

So, following suit with previous months, the value of the bag is definitely there. I haven’t had a chance yet to give everything in the bag a fair trial, but I’m definitely thinking that the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer is going to be the gem of the bag. You need such a tiny amount that it would last quite a while, and it does a pretty good job of lightening up the dark circles that are perpetually under my eyes. Hopefully I’ll be able to combine that look with the gem eye pencil at some point, if I can keep it from constantly crumbling on me.

All in all, another great bag from Ipsy, and I’m still so glad that I signed up. Thanks Ipsy!