Awesome Loaded Gift Box from The Border Geek – Adrianna’s Revenge of the Nerd!

Our good buddy, Derek, The Border Geek, sent us an awesome box jam-packed with goodies for the whole family! We’ve got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Batman, and more! Check out the unboxing, and then definitely head over to Derek’s channel and drop him a sub!

Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for July 2015

Unboxing number two in the list of late boxes is Loot Crate for July 2015. The theme for this particular box was “Heroes 2”, which is a sequel of sorts to their “Heroes” box from last year. I believe the “Heroes” box was my first from Loot Crate, so in a way we’ve come full circle. Let’s take a look at the “Heroes 2” unboxing:

I had to take a trip to the past in order to remember what was in the original “Heroes” box, but after having done so I’ve got to say that these two boxes are pretty comparable. I loved that one then, and I love this one now. To the breakdown!

Wonder Woman pin-up poster:
Thus far I haven’t really gotten around to doing anything with all the mini-posters I’ve collected through these boxes, but regardless of that I have to admit that I like this one. I like the old 50’s pin-up style, and with Wonder Woman breaking some chains…I just think it’s cute and clever, not to mention well-drawn. Of course, it doesn’t add much value to the box – I’m going to say it’s worth $2 max – but it’s a nice little addition.

Vulcan Salute air freshener:
This item totally gave me a giggle. Some people may find these air fresheners dumb, but I kinda love them because why shouldn’t my car be geeky too? And what way to turn your car into the ultimate geek-mobile than by having the Vulcan salute hanging there, waving at everyone as you pass by? Too funny. Unfortunately this item doesn’t add much value to the box either; I was able to find 2-packs for $4, so this single-pack is only worth about $2.

Loot Crate “Heroes 2” button:
I usually don’t remember to add this to the list, and it definitely doesn’t matter much because it’s probably worth less than $1, but I’m going to try to start remembering to add it because it is, after all, an item in the box and deserves to be recognized. This month’s image is Batman standing on a rooftop.

The Legend of Zelda sweatband:
As mentioned in the video, I don’t really know if I’ll ever wear this or not because sweatbands aren’t really my thing, but it’s still kinda cute. Loot Crate announced before the box shipped that there was going to be a Legend of Zelda “wearable”, and it’s interesting to see something like this for a change as opposed to a shirt or socks, which have come in many boxes. It sports the Hyrulean crest (like what’s on Link’s shield) and I can almost consider it snazzy. Maybe I’ll wear it after all. This is a Loot Crate exclusive, which makes it difficult to value, but based on similar items I’m going to say it’s about $6.

Batman multitool:
Just so you guys know, my husband confiscated this pretty much the second he knew that I’d finished recording the video. It’s a pretty neat item, and super sturdy, although he had a difficult time managing to get a bottle of beer open with it. Even if it doesn’t work at all, though, he loves it because Batman. I found this item on several websites, going for approximately $12.

QPop Classic Series Batman figure:
This little guy absolutely steals the show in this box. He’s a super-cute little mini version of Batman standing on a stone gargoyle, and he also comes with a “Kapow!” speech bubble, which you can personalize with a dry-erase marker. The original figure from Qmx is meant to be a more modern version of the Dark Knight, but this version is a slightly different Loot Crate exclusive. They added a little bat-symbol to his belt, drew in the shape of the nose and eyebrows on his mask, and I believe they made his coloring a little different, all in order to make him look like the 1960’s television version of Batman. It is cute as all hell, and as with the multitool my husband confiscated it pretty much immediately. The original figure goes for $20 on the Qmx website.

“The League of Regrettable Superheroes”:
I’m not usually a big fan of books in my subscription boxes, but this one might be pretty interesting. It’s all about the worst and most ridiculous superheroes who ever graced a comic book. Not everyone could be a winner, right? I’ll definitely take a skim through, because I really want to know what the idea behind “Doctor Hormone” is. Loot Crate even sent us the hardcover version of this book, which goes for about $17.

Brawlhalla download code:
Brawlhalla is apparently a Steam game that is similar to the Smash Bros. style of fighting game. Right now it’s in early-access-beta, and for the life of me I can’t figure out whether this code for skins is worth anything or not. If anyone can tell me, please do, but until then I’m just going to go ahead and say it’s $1, just to say that it adds something to the box.

Total approximate value of box: $61
Total cost to me: $39

So, as with Nerd Block, this box has gotten a little more expensive due to the weakness of the Canadian dollar right now, but since shipping is included in it’s flat-rate cost, the rise wasn’t nearly as much as it was for Nerd Block and thus still acceptable. The value of this particular box was definitely up there, and though several of the included items added little to nothing to that value, they were all cool items. The QPop Batman and the multitool are totally awesome, for sure, the book looks like it might be quite interesting, and the air freshener and mini-poster are cute little additions. All in all I definitely can’t complain. Pretty much everything in this box made me smile, and I’m super-excited for next month’s “Villains 2” box!