Blogging 101, Day Twelve: Be Inspired By the Community

Day eleven of Blogging 101 was about being a good neighbor, visiting other blogs, and commenting on the stuff you find interesting. Day twelve takes that concept a bit further by challenging us to build upon one of those comments. Day twelve’s assignment is to write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Also, Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

The reasons for this assignment are triplicate. For one thing, if the post that you commented on was worth commenting on then it’s probably worth talking about in more detail on your own blog. Additionally, building upon a post written by someone else allows you to expand your own ideas. Finally, responding to other blogger’s posts, interacting with each other and sharing information conversationally, is a big part of the blogging community and helps you to be tracked down by new readers.

Now, please keep in mind that I’m writing this post a couple of weeks in advance, so the post that I commented on – and am now replying to via this post – is a couple of weeks old. Regardless, I encourage you to take a look at writermummy‘s post, and then check out what she’s written recently, because she’s one of my favorite down-to-earth, real-feeling bloggers. 🙂

The comment that I’m building up was written on a post entitled, Stepping Back From the Brink. In the post writermummy talks about how she has a hard time dealing in extremes when it comes to her mood…either “the world is coming to an end or it’s fantastic”. I commented on the post to let her know that I often feel the same, and so I’m going to elaborate on that today.

Basically, like writermummy, I often feel that my mood goes to complete extremes and that there is very rarely any middle ground. I’m not necessarily talking about mood swings happening within moments of one another, but when I’m up I’m really up, and when I’m down I’m really down. There are days when I’ll be super-motivated, energetic, and just happy in general; I’m ready to face the world and get everything done. Then other days there’s just no making me happy; I’m tired and lethargic, depressed and moody, quick to anger and a complete dip. This trend really shows itself in my writing. One day I think I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread, and the next I want to delete or burn every word I’ve ever written and just pretend like this writing thing never happened. These extreme feelings also tend to show themselves while I’m working out West. Usually on the first few days of work I’m feeling pretty good, energetic, like I’m a model employee and everything is good and happy. The very end of my shift is generally pretty similar because I’m happy and excited to be going home soon. But the middle of my shift almost always sees me as a miserable mess. I hate my job, I hate the camp, I hate how tired and lazy I’m feeling, and I just want to curl up in bed and pretend like I came down with something horrible so that everyone will leave me alone.

The thing is, as writermummy explains, that when I come out of the “down” funks, it’s almost always with the feeling that I’ve been a complete and utter twit. When I’m down I feel like the world is a horrible place, and when I get back up again I look back at my “down” self and think, “Dammit, what the hell is wrong with you, you dumb-ass? Just lighten up!”

It’s not a great feeling either way, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who gets this way, and it’s important for people with these kinds of problems to support each other. Thus, the blogging community. You see? It’s all coming together. 🙂