In the Blink of an Eye


Note: Today’s post is courtesy of a prompt from “642 Things to Write About“. Today’s prompt is: “What can happen in a second?”

A great number of things can happen in a second. A blink, a heartbeat, a flash of lightning or a spark of electricity. In one second gravity can pull an object to the ground from a height of 9.8 meters. There are lots of fairly obvious answers that I’m sure most people could come up with easily, but there are lots of not-so-obvious answers as well.

A heart could stop in a second…or it could start. In a second someone could fall in love at first sight. It might only take a second for a shooting star to streak across the sky. A subconscious reflex could take only a second. In a second someone’s heart could be broken. A fatal mistake could happen in a second. Or a fatal mistake could be avoided in a second. A good, true laugh can occur in a second. It only takes a second for a quick, sweet kiss.

A “second” is merely a unit of measurement that we happen to use to distinguish what we consider to be a very short length of time, but a rather great deal of things can occur in that one second. We just don’t always take notice of these things happening, and that is quite a shame, isn’t it?