Top 10 NON-Funko Collectibles Tag!

Despite popular belief, Jason and do not, in fact, only collect Funko stuff! It’s definitely been an obsession for a while, but we collect all kinds of other stuff as well, so we were super-happy to get a chance to share some of those items in this awesome YouTube tag! Check it out!

Spring Obsessed (or, BE SPRING ALREADY)

My friends, Spring has been one hell of a fleeting dream this year. As my regular readers know, I live on the Altantic coast of Canada and work on the oil sands in northern Alberta, and neither of those two places have been able to decide on what season they want it to be. The last time I was home (the end of April) we still had snow in our yard, and it was cold enough that we had to crank on the thermostats every morning. Since I’ve been out West almost every morning has been 0 degrees or less, with many of the days being super grey and chilly, and then one day we had snow. Big, fluffy, sticks-to-everything-and-weighs-a-ton-when-you-try-to-shovel-it SNOW.

Look at it. LOOK AT IT. This is MAY-FREAKIN'-FOURTH.
Look at it. LOOK AT IT. This is MAY-FREAKIN’-FOURTH.

But despite Mother Nature laughing her ass off somewhere, the calendar says that it’s Spring, so I’m going to hold on to that like a lifeline and insist that warm days are a’ comin’. That’s part of why I decided to participate in Yessenia’s “Spring Obsessed TAG” on YouTube. Basically, Miss Yessenia came up with 10 Spring-related questions for us to answer in our own video. I’m expanding that a bit by sharing my video on the blog and tagging all of my readers. If you want to make your own video, you can do that, or you can just answer the questions on your own blog, or even in the comments of this post if you want. Have fun, and be sure to link me to your post/video so I can check it out! But first, of course, check out my video: