A to Z Challenge Day 17: Qui-Gon Jinn (the Jedi Knight)


I chose one of my characters from (in my opinion) one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Now I choose one from one of the worst.

Okay, I’ll admit that the Star Wars prequels had their moments, and as a long-time Star Wars fan I couldn’t help but get a little bit of enjoyment out of watching them. That said, the one of the three that I was able to glean the most enjoyment out of was the first, and that was simply because of the presence of the Qui-Gon Jinn character. I’ve read complaints online from people who think that this particular character was not done well, that he makes a lot of stupid decisions in the movie and regularly sets himself and his companions up for disaster. And I’m not saying that any of that is untrue. But I, personally liked the Qui-Gon character. For one thing, I enjoyed the opportunity to study a wise, older, well-trained Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. In the original three movies we had Obi-Wan and Yoda, but the former was only around long enough to teach Luke the absolute basics and to help the younger men get through the Death Star, and the former was old, decrepit, and barely did anything other than lecture. Qui-Gon, on the other hand, was an older Jedi, a mentor, but still in his prime, still an excellent fighter with plenty to teach. I found that an interesting viewpoint, to actually see a Jedi Knight during his heyday, so to speak.

For another thing, I simply liked the feel of the character, the way that he is calm and yet stern, grandfatherly and yet able to dole out the commands. I loved the portrayal by Liam Neeson, but I also quite enjoyed the way authors Dave Wolverton and Jude Watson wrote Qui-Gon in the Jedi Apprentice series, which follows the story of a young Obi-Wan and his relationship with the Jedi Knight who became his mentor. The books are written for a bit of a younger audience, but I personally enjoyed them quite well, thank you very much, and that is in a great part due to the wonderful dynamic between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon throughout the series.

All in all, the Star Wars prequels were not a great boon to the franchise, in my opinion, and I’ve only watched them a couple of times, as opposed to the dozens of times I’ve watched the originals, but in the end I’m glad they existed just so I could be introduced to this character.

7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Day 17: Qui-Gon Jinn (the Jedi Knight)

  1. I share your opinion of the Star Wars Prequels – perfect examples of over-thought disaster – but yes, the first one was the best. I liked the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-wan, it was familiar, yet sometimes formal as well. I’ve only every watched them all once, and don’t plan on going back, I’m sticking with the middle three and hoping that the new ones in the works do a better job. 🙂
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    • Oh, you have no idea how concerned I am about the new ones. lol I’m just hoping that Disney does as good a job with the Star Wars universe as they did with the Marvel one. *fingers crossed*

  2. I was so excited to see the prequels come out that I was prepared to overlook their shortcomings, but in the end I think they only served to highlight how great the first three Star Wars films really were!
    Great choice for a tricky letter. 🙂

    • I’m with you there. I was CRAZY excited, and a friend of mine did the camp-out for tickets for a bunch of us so that we could see Episode 1 ASAP. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the first one in theaters, but I’ve only watched the prequels a couple of times (Episode 2 precisely ONCE) whereas I’ve watched the original trilogy at least three or four dozen times, EASY. lol

  3. Qui gon was one of my favorites, but I have to go with the villains as the more awesome characters. I loved the emperor and earth maul.

    • Wasn’t Darth Maul just the freakin’ COOLEST? I can remember in the theater when he started up his dual-bladed lightsaber for the big battle at the end, ever kid in the theater was losing their minds. XD

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