A to Z Challenge Day 23: Winchester Brothers (the Monster Hunters)


Is it cheating when technically this entry should start with “T” (for THE Winchester Brothers)? Screw it. I’m goin’ with it.

Supernatural is one of the many shows that my husband and I failed to notice even existed at first. We’ve never been the kind of people who can just sit down and watch TV. The idea of gathering ourselves in front of the TV at a particular time of day on a particular day of the week and then making sure that we get ourselves back to that same spot at that same time and day every week until a show is over…yeah, that’s just not our thing. Therefore many shows, such as Supernatural, completely bypassed our radars at first. We only began watching it because the mother-in-law mentioned that she enjoyed it, and at the time there were two full seasons complete, so we went and got those two seasons and learned the true meaning of “binge-watching“.

We took to the show immediately, sometimes watching five and six episodes in a row each night after work, and a big part of that instant obsession was the wonderful characters of Sam and Dean Winchester. The monster-hunting brothers are some of my favorite television characters of all time because they can make me laugh out loud one moment, and sob like a baby the next. The most recent seasons of the show have gone a little askew (there’s only so far you can drag out a show once the DEVIL has been defeated), but I could re-watch the first few seasons a hundred times over for Sam’s internal struggles, Dean’s goofy attitude, Sam’s way of sarcastically making fun of Dean, Dean’s way of hiding his pain from everyone but the viewer, and the constant brotherly banter between the two of them. There’s this one episode where they find a lucky rabbit’s foot, and subsequently find out that if you lose a lucky rabbit’s foot you’re cursed with bad luck…comedy gold. Then there’s another episode where something really bad happens (I won’t spoil it for you just in case) and Dean gives a monologue that made me weep like a little girl. Of course, a great deal of the success of the two characters is due to the actors who portray them, and for that I will forever love the hell out of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padaleki (whom my husband has been referring to as my “boyfriends” for about six odd years now).


5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Day 23: Winchester Brothers (the Monster Hunters)

    • Things have gone a little askew in more recent seasons (mostly because the writers seem to use the same brotherly arguments over and over again so it’s getting a bit stale), but I agree that when I first started watching the show it was ALL about the boys. The monsters were awesome, and the plot was great, but it would mean nothing without the wonderful interactions of Sam and Dean. 🙂

    • Isn’t it the best? The previous seasons my husband and I waited until they were over and then binged the whole season, but right now we’re going one episode at a time and it’s KILLING me. lol

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