The Funko Pop! TAG!

I’m a big believer in allowing yourself to enjoy the things you love, regardless of outward influence. Such an attitude is more difficult to cling to when you’re, say, a teenager, because at that age it seems like no matter what you do or say there’s someone waiting in the wings to torment you about it. But as an adult I’ve settled into myself and come to know that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about how you spend your time and money; as long as you’re enjoying yourself (and, obviously, not hurting anybody).

That’s why, much to the eye-rolling disbelief of plenty of the older generation of family members, my husband and I have become collectors of the nerdy variety. We love figures, sculptures, posters, comics, toys, and collectibles, and in recent years have amassed a nice little hoard with which to decorate our still-in-progress Nerd Basement.

Amongst the collectibles that have been piling up in our house is my rapidly-growing-out-of-control Funko Pop! collection. I’ve shared my hauls here before, including the ENORMOUS one that was a result of my husband getting out of hand with last year’s Christmas gift. I just love the little guys to death, and there are so many of them in so many awesome fandoms that it becomes impossible to stop getting them.

Because of my obsession fondness, a while back I was approached by fellow YouTuber, The Lawn Gnome, about participating in his upcoming Funko Pop! TAG. I was more than happy to comply, and recently I finally got around to actually filming the video. So if you’re curious as to which Pops are my favorites, which ones I’m looking forward to, or how I got into Pops in the first place, feel free to have a look!

What’s your opinion of Funko Pops? Do you collect them? Which are your favorites? Which ones are you just dying to get? Please share!

4 thoughts on “The Funko Pop! TAG!

  1. Right now I only have one (Hoth Han Solo) because I know if I allow myself to get into these it’ll end up being another one of my expensive obsessive hobbies. That said, I love the MLP:FIM and Black Butler sets. Also digging the Supernatural ones, even though I’ve only just started watching that show.

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