Accountability Tuesdays – Week 1

Following by he example of several other blogging writers who have made writing resolutions this year, I’ve decided to do a weekly accountability post to let everyone know how my goals are going. Since New Years Day fell on a Tuesday, I’ve established that Tuesday will be that day. Aren’t I organized?

So here we go for week one…

Health and Body Image Goal
I won’t try to claim that I got a lot done on this one, but I have been taking baby steps. I’ve been trying to control my portions and eat less sweets and drink more water. I’ll make a better report next week when I start examining my weight and measurements.

Editing Goal
I haven’t been able to start this one yet because I’m currently out west and I didn’t bring the printed copy of my manuscript with me. Updates in the future!

1,000,000 Words Goal
Since the beginning of the year I have written 4 blog posts (not including this one) with a total of 2501 words, and have spent several days working on my current novel-in-progress with a total of 3248 words. All together that’s a total of 5749 for the first week. That’s significantly less than I would have liked, but I’m starting to get into a system now so I expect week 2 to be much better.

Still working on those progress bars…look forward to it. 🙂

How’d you like my first accountability day? Pretty decent, right? 🙂

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