Fiction Fragment Fridays: Chrono Trigger Timeless (Execution)


Since I’m currently attempting to catch up on my Final Fantasy novelization, I thought I’d share another scene from the Chrono Trigger novelization this week. This scene pairs with the last one as the scene in which Chrono is dragged off to the guillotine. In the game I always preferred to ensure that Chrono was found guilty so that I could skip trying to escape the jail. 😛


Crono (Front)*Spites via

Chrono stared up at the ceiling of his tiny, windowless jail cell, wondering what time of day it was. How much time had passed? What was going on in the outside world? Did his mother know what had happened yet? What about Lucca? Did any of the people he’d lived his entire life with have any idea what had happened to him, or more importantly, what was soon to happen to him? How was Marle reacting? He wished he could see her again. The image of her tear-stained face being pulled away from him in the courtroom had haunted him since he’d been thrown in this light-free cell.

He wondered what it would be like to die. What had Marle said…? Someplace dark, cold, and…lonely. He hoped that it would be different for him, but he couldn’t possibly understand why that might be.

The jingle of keys broke the silence, the first noise Chrono had heard in…oh no, had it been three days already?

A stream of light poured into the cell, burning Chrono’s eyes. He blinked and shielded his face, and felt his body temperature drop as a huge guard wearing a full face mask stepped through the doorway. “Stand,” was the only word he spoke. Chrono stood. The guard clamped the iron cuffs back on Chrono’s arms and forcibly shoved him out of the cell. Outside, in the hall, were three more men – two more faceless guards and the jail supervisor, who was a clean-cut man in a neat suit, with a look on his face like this job was terribly beneath him.

“Let’s go,” said the supervisor, simply. He yawned as they began to walk.

Now that the time was here, Chrono couldn’t think about it. He examined every stone in the walls they walked past, counted every step they took…anything he could do to keep his mind busy thinking about anything besides where they were going. It worked for a little while, until they walked past a young man in stocks who was looking up at Chrono with big huge doe eyes.

The guillotine was in the next room, waiting patiently for its victim. At the sight of it, Chrono felt his knees go weak, but before he could collapse, the soldiers had grabbed him by the arms and dragged him forward, shoving him roughly into the device and slamming the lock closed before he could struggle.

“Any last words, criminal?” asked the supervisor lazily.

Chrono clenched his eyes shut. He tried to think of something to say, but nothing would come to his head. This was it. It was all over.

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