Horror Block Unboxing and Review for January 2015

It’s time to round out all the first unboxings of 2015 with this month’s Horror Block, but don’t look to this post for a good review. My face during the video probably says it all, so give it a look:

So as you can see, I was not really the least bit impressed with the first Horror Block of the year. Shall we take a look at the breakdown?

“Normal People Scare Me” t-shirt: The first item in the box made me cringe a little because of all the subscription boxes I’ve been getting this may be the worst shirt yet. It is absolutely hideous, in my opinion, and neither my husband or I will likely ever wear it, so I’m assigning it a reduced t-shirt value of $10.
“Good Guys” Chucky t-shirt: It was a double-shirt month, but I am not a fan of this shirt either. While Chucky is a little more relevant to this household, it’s still not what I’d call a nice shirt, and it also will probably never be worn. $10 goes to this item as well.
“Living Dead Dolls” Pink Posey figure: This little figure is kinda cute, for sure, but it is also miniscule. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would pay $15 for one of these, but that is apparently what they go for.
“Mad Balls”: Okay, first, I just have to ask what genius created the plastic balls that these things are encapsulated in? I’m not joking when I say that I tried for almost five full minutes to get just one of them open before eventually grabbing a knife and almost stabbing myself to snap the two lids apart. You’d swear someone had hidden the meaning of life in these things, based on how difficult it is to open them. But instead, what you get inside are super-ugly balls that look like creepy heads. They’re not even well made; they’re just super-cheap plastic junk. I couldn’t find these exact items online, but I’m not inclined to assign them a value of any more than $1 each because they’re seriously that junky.
“The Twilight Zone” 1st issue comic: This is honestly probably the only item in the box that I like at all, and mostly just because I’m amused by comics. The value for a Twilight Zone comic from Dynamite? About $4.
“Rue Morgue” magazine: And, as always, the magazines, which are a great value for anyone who enjoys them, but aren’t really my bag. Either way, the value of an issue of one of these magazines is about $11.

Total approximate value of box: $52
Total cost to me: $33

So, as usual, the value is technically there. The double shirts and magazine will always bump of the value of a box, but considering that both shirts are awful (at least to me), that doesn’t really work for me this month. When you add in the junky Mad Balls and the hideously over-priced Living Dead Doll, things just don’t add up at all in my eyes. Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I think this month’s Horror Block is absolutely awful, and as I mentioned in my video I’m considering cancelling this particular subscription. There have been good items in it, for sure, but I’ve personally felt that the overall boxes have been tapering off a bit for me, and I don’t feel like I’m getting as much out of them anymore.

But I guess we’ll figure that out next month, since it’s too late to cancel for February. 😛

Do you subscribe to Horror Block? What did you think about January’s box? Please share!

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