Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for December 2015

Oh, look at that! It’s an unboxing and review post that’s on time! Yes, this Nerd Block just showed up a few days ago so I’m getting this done as soon as possible for a change. Ironically, this is to be my last Nerd Block (no, really this time) so it’s a bit funny that I should actually be on the ball with this one.

Anyway, December’s box was slated to be full of Star Wars items, which is just perfect for me, so let’s have a look!

“Kylo Ren” t-shirt:
I really like this t-shirt. At first glance I actually thought it was Darth Vader, and I hope you guys will forgive me for that because Kylo Ren actually has a bit of a similar look to him, but when I realized who it actually was I was more than happy. Kylo seems like a really cool character, and this shirt is just an awesome design that I like a lot. Two thumbs up for this one.
Approximate value: $15

“Blaster” keychain:
I’m getting a little tired of finding keychains in these boxes because I can’t possibly use them all, but this one still is pretty cute. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Han’s blaster, which is perfect, and it’s a smaller kind of charm so I might actually be able to fit it on my current keychain without making it too bulky.
Approximate value: this is an exclusive to the box, but based on other keychains I’m going to go with about $5

“Star Trek” Captain Rank pin:
This is a neat little thing to have, and I’m certain that I’ll find somewhere to put it among the other Star Trek stuff I have, but I just don’t really get how it’s supposed to be in memory of Leonard Nimoy. You’d think if they really wanted to honor him it would be something that instantly makes you think “Spock” when you look at it. But, oh well, this is still a pretty cool little collectible.
Approximate value: $15

“Han in Carbonite” ice cube tray:
As I mentioned in the video, I already actually have a different “Han in Carbonite” ice cube tray, so it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get one of the other two trays that were being put in this month’s Nerd Block. However, I can still appreciate that it’s cute and funny and also useful. Since it’s silicone, you can also use these trays to make sweets and the like, if you’re not an ice cube kind of person.
Approximate value: $10

“Mos Eisley” mouse pad:
This is the most useless item in the box for me because, as I’ve mentioned a dozen times at this point, we don’t use mouse pads in this house. I can still appreciate that it’s a cute design, and at least it fits in with the theme of the box, but I just won’t use it.
Approximate value: $5

“Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)” Funko Pop:
And of course, you guys know that a vinyl figure always makes a box for me, and this is a great one that I didn’t have so I’m pretty excited. What’s more classic Star Wars than young Luke, still in his Tatooine outfit, holding his father’s lightsaber? Too cool, and he’s gonna look awesome on my shelf (when I get all my Star Wars Pops straightened up)!
Approximate value: $13

Total approximate value of the box: $63
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So for my last box it’s definitely nice to see that the value is there on this one. There was nothing of a super-high value, but several items of very decent value that kept the box’s total up there, so I can definitely feel like getting this last box was worth it, even though I had originally intended for the cancellation to not include December’s box.

And in general it was just a pretty cool box. I love the shirt and the Funko Pop the most, and aside from the mouse pad (which I just won’t use) all the other items are nice little additions that are pretty cute and go well with the theme (which, actually, was just “Star Wars”). It does seem funny that the one Star Trek item was thrown in there among all the Star Wars stuff, but since I’m an equal-opportunity nerd that’s just fine with me.

Two thumbs up for the last Nerd Block, and good luck to everyone who continues to subscribe to it in the New Year!

What did you guys think? Was this box a thumbs up or down? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? How do you feel about including a Star Trek item in a Star Wars box? Please share!


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